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Show Dates

Step right up, don't be shy... gather round and let me tell you about the latest in Seraphim's World of Whimsy creations. Here's your chance to see for yourself, live and in person the artist behind these adorable creatures. If you dare, travel to far away lands and be the first to have a chance to adopt one of these bears... or bear friends!

Seraphim's World of Whimsy will be exhibiting at the following shows in 2016:  

Seraphim's WOW is happy to announce I will be joining in the fun with Bear Hugs 4 U ! I can't wait to share the new gallery pieces with you! See you at the shows this year!!!

Bear Hugs 4 U - July 7 - 10th  Begins at noon Thursday!

Bear Hugs 4 U link

I will also be exhibiting at the Horror Show in Belleville with my primitive dolls and up-cycled pieces related to all things Horror.

See you at the shows!