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About Me

There's more than one angel behind these bears... my grandmother, Mary Wicks, worked as a bear maker with S. & L. Manufacturing company in England prior to WW2 creating bears and other stuffed toys and continued to do so even after the factories were forced to refocus their production to the war effort. So before I was even conscious of my involvement in the bear world... I was here.

A lifelong interest in the arts, lead me from one artistic career to another. When my grandmother became ill I was the recipient of her bear making supplies, a gift that would change the course of my art forever! Her tools sat untouched for some time and then came a day when I decided to make her a bear... since then my world has been filled with nostalgic memories of my grandmother and this reminiscence is reflected in the traditional style of bears I create. I still use my grandmother’s tools; the same tools she used to create her bears throughout her life. I have been creating one of a kind award winning bears since 2009.

A pinch of mohair and alpaca, a dash of viscose and muslin, mixed gently in a soft colour arrangements, topped off with beautiful ribbons both vintage and new and served in cottons and wool felts... this is what makes up most of Seraphim World of Whimsy. My collectibles are created with the adult collector in mind and are not intended for small children. Heirloom quality traditional style bears will always be a part of the WOW world and I am excited to announce that Seraphim's WOW creations are also being created in a new image of bears. Nicely weighted with armature and double jointed necks add to my new characters personalities. The new creations extend beyond bears including Italian Greyhounds, Kitties, Bunnies and more. The desire to create a truly one of a kind "bear" pushes me to hand make as much as I possibly can. From wool felt beach balls to creating beautiful Victorian Ribbonwork flowers, every accessory is one of a kind and handmade by me. each creation is fully jointed allowing a range of movement and expression. There are no two alike and no two people see a bear in quite the same way, For this reason, my bears are not named by me and instead are simply numbered. It will be your joy to name your bear, boy or girl may be identifiable in outfitted bears but on bears left in the fur, the choice will come from within your heart. A certificate of authenticity will come with your bear as well as hang tags and a sewn in tag. Your bear will arrive to you beautifully packaged and comes from a smoke free art Studio!

I am married to the love of my life, a wonderful artist in every way. We have two dogs; an Italian Greyhound (Jonesy) and a Pug (the Butcher), and one Siamese cat (Hook). We live in a small town in Ontario, Canada and I am blessed to be surrounded by beauty every day.

I am thrilled to share my creations with you and hope you will enjoy your visit to Seraphim's World of Whimsy.

If you would like to get to know more  about what's behind a Seraphim WOW creation please visit my BLOG

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If you have further inquiries or would simply like to introduce yourself to me and the bears, send me off an email to m.seraphim@cogeco.ca
we would love to get to know you better also!

With Tender Regards